"I'd like to pass on my thanks to the installer, Danny, who did the installation in a very professional & first class manner. He worked long hours, ensured all working surfaces were protected and cleaned up after completing the installation. I would certainly recommend him in the future."

Russel B

"I would like to thank you and your staff for the professional workmanship and tidiness displayed during the installtion of air conditioning units at the Oxford at Epping. We would recommend you to any of our landlords seeking to install air conditiong at their properties."

Erin H

"A big "Thank you" for the service to us in installing our ducted air conditioning to our whole house and extension. It wasn't a straightforward job, and you accomodated our needs, including being happy to make adjustments to the original design and quote (which was very competitive), and worked out the best possible solution.

Over this last weekend of extreme 40 degree-plus temperatures we were very comfortable and appreciative of how well the system worked. The decommissioning and installation were carried out with minimal disruption to us, and your employees were all clean and considerate. We wish you all well - Many thanks "

Rob and Chris Binskin

"Please pass on my thanks to your colleagues at Eastwood Air Conditioning for the quality of workmanship, courtesy and speed provided to the air-conditioning units at my residence. I am happy to recommend your organisation to friends and colleagues assuring them of the value of your services.

Over a period of years, the expectation of the customer has been lowered to such a point that it seems impossibler to get people to quote and effectively perform works, so it has been pleasing that Eastwood Air Conditioning has maintained a standard of service which others should examplify.

I wish your organisation every success and have no hesitation in engaging you for the necessary maintenance and servicing required on the air conditioning units in the future."

Phillip G

"I appreciate the extra time you gave us to make our payment, and would like to thank you for the service and advice you provided to us throughout our home building process.

We have been impressed with your quality of work, and feel that your attention to customer service by all the people in your employ that we have dealt with has been first class.

I have already mentioned to some acquiantances that if they are looking for air conditioning to contact Eastwood Air. "

Craig M

"We recently had a reverse cycle air-conditioning unit installed by your company. I am writing to express my thanks and inform you of the fantastic service your staff provided to us throughout the installation of this unit.

Unfortunately I cannot recall the name of the young man and the 2 electricians who worked on this unit but their service was second to none. I'm sure you will have this in your records. Admittedly I was a little sceptical given their young appearance; however they were very thourought, incredibly professional and very polite, a quality I haven't experienced from trades and sales people for such a long time.

Based on the treatment afforded to us by your staff, we will recommend your company to all our friends and family and hope that you acknowledge your staff accordingly for their fantastic work."

Angela J

"All is working to our satisfaction. I would like to take this opportunity to make a special mention and thanks to all of your team who were involved with the work. The entire project was carried out with efficiency, from the initial quote presentation to the final commissioning of the system.

We have had a fair amount of experience with home renovations, and at times, when mismanaged, they can be a nightmare. But your men exhibited a good humour and professionalism that reflects well on themselves and on your company. You don't need paid advertising with this quality of work."

Mai D

"Saki, Errol, and John reminded me of that lady in the Australian Pensioner's Insurance Agency's TV Commercial, where she roars, "They gave me a time, and they were there." The unit arrived at 7.30am on Friday, and the team shortly afterwards.

They worked quietly and efficiently all day, and had to be harassed by me into having a morning tea break on our porch. Having been told that the electricians would come on Monday, we received an early call on that day to tell us that one was ill, and on Tuesday Nate and PJ appeared. They were called away mid-afternoon and, on Wednesday PJ and Karl finished the installation.

So far we have used the unit on a low level, but we can feel the difference. All members of your staff were very polite and well mannered. We would recommend your company to anyone. Thank you for the prompt attention to our inquiry."

Des M

"Eastwood Air were very responsive throughout from initial contact until the installation was complete. A comprehensive assessment from Tim was highly professional and our needs were top of mind. A 16kW ducted system was proposed together with Advantage Air for maximum control, efficiency and ongoing costs. We can now control temperature and airflow individually & remotely via an App to each of the 7 zones.

We were unaware of issues in the ducting & installation of our 25 year old system - these were highlighted & fixed as part of the overall plan. The installers were excellent, explained what they needed to do, cleaned up each day. Tim gave us daily updates, was onsite regularly and followed up at the work completion. We felt comfortable with Eastwood Air from day 1 and have peace of mind that we now have a state-of-the-art system.

We can recommend Eastwood Air for great customer service, knowledge & professionalism."

Geoff & Maria Cooper


Need to know more? Have any questions?

Is all work guaranteed?

All our commissioning & installation work carries the required statutory guarantees. Additionally, our systems are backed by warranty from the manufacturers which we can coordinate and complete.

Can you help with ongoing maintenance?

One of the key elements of our service offerings is to maintain long standing relationships wth our customers. As such ongoing maintenance work and if necessary repairs will ensure that your systems operate at the most optimal and provide you with comfort throughout the seasons.

Are you a Licensed company?

Yes, Eastwood Air Conditioning carries all necessary licenses to guarantee the quality of works performed. For your protection our company is the holder of Contractors Licence Number 44441C.

Can I switch my AC off at the powerpoint or at the fuse box?

It is OK to turn the power off, especially if you are away for long periods. Most units have a low wattage crankcase heater that keeps the compressor warm. If the compressor is cold, damage will occur at startup. If you turn off your air conditioner it must be turned on at least 12 hrs before use.

Cool/Hot air does not flow out soon after the start of heating?

The air conditionier is warming up, you should wait for 1-4 minutes. The systems are designed to start discharging air only after it has reached a certain temperature.

I have cleaned the air filters but the light won’t go off?

You will need to press the reset button. With ducted, light commercial and commercial situations the reset button is on the controller. On wall splits and floor consoles you will need to remove the grille to find the reset button.

On the ducted system the air is only blowing in part of the house?

Ducted systems can be designed so that only parts of the house (zones) can be air conditioned at a time. Check that the zone switch is turned on.

Operating stops suddenly (light flashes)?

Turn the circuit breaker off at the power point for the AC. Turn it back on after 5-10 minutes. Turn on the AC inside. If the light stops blinking there is no malfunction. If it continues, please contact our service department.

The air conditioner does not operate (green light is off)?

Change the batteries on a hand held remote. If you have power failure in your area, reset the unit from the switchboard.

Cycle your air for the safety of customers and staff.