Residential Air Conditioning

Residential Air Conditioning Service

To maintain efficiency and protect your investment, residential air conditioning requires regular servicing. Some elements of maintaining you system can be conducted by you, but it is also advised to engage an experienced air conditioning technician for a more detailed home air conditioning service.

Home Owner Maintenance – Cleaning the Filter

Ongoing regular cleaning of the filter can be done easily by you. In a ducted system, you will need to remove your return air grille and pull the filter out. For a split system, lift up the cover and pull out the filter. Using a torch, check if you can see light through it, if the light is not heavily distorted then the filter is does not require cleaning. This should be done every 6 to 12 months depending on your location and usage.

Air Conditioning Service – Eastwood Air

Eastwood Air Conditioning service technicians will check that the system components are in good working order. These checks will include:

  • Mechanical connections for gas leaks.
  • The electricity draw for every component, comparing it to the manufacturer’s recommended tolerances.
  • Cleaning the outdoor unit – The coil or heater exchange can get dirty, reducing the overall unit efficiency, drawing more electricity and putting system under stress.
  • Clean the drains and traps that if clogged with dirt may have an averse effect on the unit.
  • Ducting - to determine if there is wear and tear on the flexible ducts which can lead to cold or hot air pumped into the roof space reducing the overall unit efficiency.

Service Reports

Eastwood Air will provide you with a written service report and also will maintain an electronic version. Reported items will be:

  • Refrigerant pressure
  • Motor electricity draw (amps)
  • Any faults that have been identified

Regular maintenance together with the report will give a snapshot of your air conditioning unit and allow for comparing changes in the system year to year.

Our objective is to service regularly and prevent component failure under load and more costly repair issues in the long term.

Air Conditioning Re-Gassing

Many homeowners are concerned about re-gassing their air conditioning unit.

An air conditioner is a sealed unit so when installed it is pressure tested and the system evacuated and refrigerant added when commissioned.

Unless the compressor inside the outdoor unit breaks or there is an electrical failure within the motor, re-gassing should not be necessary.


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Offering a complete & comprehensive range of air conditioning services Eastwood Air specialises in residential and commercial air conditioning and maintenance to ensure systems are optimised and energy efficient.

Service your systems regularly for safety and efficiency.