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Commercial/Service/Administration and Factory   
Unit 3, 6 Bonz Place,
Seven Hills NSW 2147
Phone:  9674 9944     
Fax:  9838 4743

Business Focus Park,
Unit 7, 64 Talavera Road,
Phone:  9878 2244     
Fax:  9878 0144

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"Saki, Errol, and John reminded me of that lady in the Australian Pensioner's Insurance Agency's TV Commercial, where she roars, "They gave me a time, and they were there." The unit arrived at 7.30am on Friday, and the team shortly afterwards.
They worked quietly and efficiently all day, and had to be harrassed by me into having a morning tea break on our porch.
Having been told that the electricians would come on Monday, we received an early call on that day to tell us that one was ill, and on Tuesday Nate and PJ appeared. They were called away mid-afternoon and, on Wednesday PJ and Karl finished the installation.
So far we have used the unit on a low level, but we can feel the difference.
All members of your staff were very polite and well mannered. We would recommend your company to anyone. Thank you for the prompt attention to our inquiry."

Des M