Service and Maintenance

Eastwood Air Conditioning has its own Service Department to ensure optimum performance and service to all our installations. All our technical staff has formal tertiary education.

All on-site staff has completed formal Occupational Health and Safety Education.  Each onsite staff member has completed accredited Workcover education and holds white card.  They have also completed the height safety training.  For your protection our company is the holder of Contractors Licence Number 44441C and is covered by 10 million dollars worth of public liability insurance.

  • Coordinate warranty calls on behalf of manufacturers
  • Coordinate out of warranty repair works
  • Air balancing of existing systems
  • Regular routine maintenance
  • Decommissioning of existing system

Service Check List

Troubleshooting for ducted systems/wall mounted controllers

Cooling/heating effect is poor?
Clean the filters. 

I have cleaned the air filters but the light won’t go off:
You will need to press the reset button. With ducted, light commercial and commercial situations the reset button is on the controller.  On wall splits and floor consoles you will need to remove the grille to find the reset button.

On the ducted system the air is only blowing in part of the house?
Ducted systems can be designed so that only parts of the house (zones) can be air conditioned at a time. Check that the zone switch is turned on. 

The control panel is blinking error message?
Note the error message.  Reset the unit from the main switchboard by firstly turning off the air conditioning unit at the control panel, from the main switchboard, find the designated power to the AC and turn it off.  After 15-30minutes turn the power on at the switchboard and turn the power on for the control panel, allow the unit to reset for 5-10 minutes.  If this does not fix the error message please contact us to organize service.

Can I switch my air conditioner off at the powerpoint or at the fuse box?
It is OK to turn the power off, especially if you are away for long periods. Most units have a low wattage crankcase heater that keeps the compressor warm. If the compressor is cold, damage will occur at startup. If you turn off your air conditioner it must be turned on at least 12 hrs before use.

Cool/Hot air does not flow out soon after the start of heating operation?
The air conditionier is warming up, you should wait for 1-4 minutes.  The systems are designed to start discharging air only after it has reached a certain temperature.

The heating operation stops suddenly and a flowing sound is heard?
The system is taking away the frost on the outdoor unit.  Wait for 4-12 minutes.

The outdoor unit emits water or steam?
HEAT MODE – this frost on the outdoor unit melts into water or steam when the air conditioner is in defrost operation.
COOL/DRY mode – moisture in the air condenses into water on the cool surface of outdoor unit piping and drips.

The indoor unit gives out odour?
This happens when smells of the room, furniture or cigarettes are absorbed into the unit and discharged with the air flow.  If this happens we recommend to have your indoor unit washed by a air conditioning technician.

The operation stopped suddenly (green light is on)?
For system protection the air conditioning may stop operating on a sudden large voltage fluctuation.  It should automatically resumes operation but if not reset the unit from the switchboard.

The air conditioner does not operate (green light is off)?
Change the batteries on a hand held remote.  If you have power failure in your area, reset the unit from the switchboard. 

Operating stops suddenly (light flashes)?
Turn the circuit breaker off at the power point for the AC.  Turn it back on after 5-10 minutes.  Turn on the AC inside.  If the light stops blinking there is no malfunction.  If it continues, please contact our service department.


"We recently had a reverse cycle air-conditioning unit installed by your company.
I am writing to express my thanks and inform you of the fantastic service your staff provided to us throughout the installation of this unit.
Unfortunately I cannot recall the name of the young man and the 2 electricians who worked on this unit but their service was second to none. I'm sure you will have this in your records. Admittedly I was a little sceptical given their young appearance; however they were very thourought, incredibly professional and very polite, a quality I haven't experienced from trades and sales people for such a long time.
Based on the treatment afforded to us by your staff, we will recommend your company to all our friends and family and hope that you acknowledge your staff accordingly for their fantastic work. "

Angela J